Madison Avenue.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

{Images by yours truly.}

Perhaps it is the ingrained rose-tinted lens imparted by holidays, or maybe simply the abundant loveliness of New York in the spring, but everywhere you set forth there seems to exist only the gentlest sunbeams peeking through the fresh buds of spring casting its lovely soft light upon the glassy facades of the astonishingly beautiful boutiques that flank Madison Avenue. The summation of these elements means that I'm utterly convinced that this time of the year is the most impossibly whimsical means of absorbing the prettiness that is New York and that if you ever have the opportunity, to experience it for yourself, but in the interim, a few images to pique the curiosity... 

Much love, Mandy. xx

MBFWA outfit, day 2.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

{Lace bomber jacket - Cameo c/o Lalabazaar; skirt - H&M; top - Finders Keepers; clutch - MNO.logie; shoes - YSL}
 I rarely dress so effeminately on a day-today basis but if MBFWA isn't an appropriate context to channel one's inner sartorial cream puff with exaggerated ruffled hems and lacey bomber jackets in an all-white palette, then I certainly do not know where else on golly earth one may indulge in such extravagances. The key to colour-block dressing is ensuring that there is plenty of detail to catch the eye and perhaps just the slightest pop of colour, whether it be a smear of orange lipstick (mine was done by the lovely ladies at Maybelline), neon nails, or a bold statement accessory. 

My first experience of MBFWA may well and truly be over but that is not to say that the adventure ends there! After a weekend of my final ED shifts (morose goodbyes on my part, I loved my time there), last-minute rendezvous with friends, and frantic packing in between, I am finally in New York! Couldn't have asked for a more spectacular greeting as I arrived in my gorgeous hotel The Bentley with a dazzling view of the glittery New York skyline at dusk. 

Keep updated with adventures via Instagram (find me! frocks_frivolities). <3

Photos by the lovely Cindy of Clash and Harmony

Much love from the Big Apple, Mandy. xx

Chic eats : Kitchen by Mike.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

{Coconut yoghurt with blueberries and papaya & eggs Benedict }
"At Kitchen by Mike, we're aiming to strip down traditional restaurant dining to find something more honest" is the ethos that this delightful food purveyor lives by. And indeed, from the minute you set foot into its lofty, gorgeously light interiors, you immediately feel welcome by a wholesome sense of comfort and familiarity, almost as if you were in a good friend's (somewhat deliciously contemporary and impeccable) abode. The ambience is rustic yet polished, and whilst the menu isn't particularly generous, the food is delectable and clean and a joy to eat. If I had the privilege of living in Sydney again (yes, it's my birth place!), I would happily spend many languorous afternoons here with a lighthearted paperback. 

85 Dunning Avenue

Much love, Mandy. xx

delirious haze.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

{Jacket & skirt - Shona Joy from Adrenalin Boutique; top - Three of Something c/o Lalabazaar; shoes - YSL; clutch - Dancing at Dusk}

Am currently in Sydney for Mercedes-Benza Fashion Week Australia and feel so thrilled to be here to represent my little blog in a few of my favourite labels. These images of my day one outfit were taken atop the rooftop of The Crown Hotel, which, on the cusp of sunset, is a delirious haze of warm scintillating golden light. And whilst admiring the view, I couldn't help notice that it is a rather apt metaphor for my life of late what with the past few weeks a blur of consecutive work shifts, the current whirlwind of MBFWA, and then New York next week, it is impossible to have any sense of lucidity ... but wouldn't give it up for the world ... 

Much love, Mandy. xx 

wish australia style blogger challenge, part 2.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

{Dress - c/o Wish Australia; lace bomber - Cameo c/o Lalabazaar; necklace - Rocks Paper Metal; shoes - YSL; clutch - MNO.logie
Photos by the most exquisite Love Yaz.

I was wholly undecided on whether this Wish peach bellini of a dress was best matched with the lacey vanilla tones of this bomber or the cool blue hues of the previous post ... I adore how I am almost completely washed out by this palette if not for the ivory locks - the prettiest, frothiest, most delectable means of spending a whimsical sunset ... 

Which look do you like better, lovely readers?

Much love, Mandy. xx

wish australia blogger style challenge, part 1.

Friday, 5 April 2013

{Dress - Wish Australia; jacket - Shona Joy from Adrenalin Boutique; necklace - Rocks Paper Metal; shoes - YSL; clutch - MNO.logie}
A few weeks ago, on one of those warm autumn days that seems so long ago, I received a delightful love note in my inbox informing me that I had been selected by the designer of Wish Australia, Annette Cannock, to participate in the Wish Australia Blogger Style Challenge as one of her favourite bloggers from Australia and New Zealand. Growing up with this label, I couldn't imagine a greater thrill at having this privilege! 

This dress, in its fairy floss hue, seemed only justified with an equally saccharine jacket and just a touch  of sartorial acidity with the neon accents ... such a dreamy way to be traipsing about on a lazy weekend. 

Much love, Mandy. xx

white lace and promises.

Monday, 1 April 2013

{Jacket - Cameo, top - Three of Something, and skirt - Keepsake all courtesy of Lalabazaar boutique; necklace - Rocks paper metal; shoes - YSL; clutch - MNO.logie}

Photos by the exquisite Love Yaz.

I wholeheartedly admit that I am penning this post in a state of delirium induced by a vague memory of consecutive night shifts and possibly an excess of chocolate Easter eggs (if there is such a phenomenon) but despite it all, am determined to continue the pursuit of it because the forecast for the week impending is one that won't accommodate for much breathing space, let alone a blog post!

Even in my state of exhaustion, I can remember the details of this shoot from last weekend lucidly. The gentle autumn sun in one of the loveliest locations on the Gold Coast, reminiscent of European summers on the cusp of sunset as Yazzi and I frolicked about the perfectly manicured landscape ... bliss.

Also must extend the love to Lalabazaar for being the purveyor of my favourite outfit to date - so particularly enamoured with the lace bomber jacket that my melliferous dwellings on it must be saved for another post...

Much love, Mandy. xx