Saturday, 28 January 2012

Photos via Instagram (frocks_frivolities). 

Due to a sad series of events, my laptop has succumbed to the overdose of high-resolution photos that I have inundated it with ... I'm praying that all my photos and study notes will be preserved in the process of resurrecting it! Therefore, I won't be blogging much over the next few weeks but in the mean time, you can follow frocks_frivolities on Instagram! 

My sincerest apologies to all my lovely readers - I promise I will reply to all your beautiful love notes when my technology tools return to normality! Thank you for all the sweet comments, they truly make my day. :)

Love, Mandy. xx

Neon + tribal + Sass & Bide = perfection.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

I've always considered myself a pretty mediocre mathematician but I think I have worked out the algorithm for this one! 

Love, Mandy. xx

Hong Kong style diary.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Photos taken by the lovely John Li. 

It was absolutely impossible to document every outfit I wore in Hong Kong with its constant milieu of vibrant people, exquisite cuisine, and manic commercialism that served as bona fide distractors. As I mentioned previously, my sartorial maxim overseas is to be as frivolous as possible besides the requisite comfort factor (note my abusage of my beloved Jeffrey Campbell Pixie wedges and Topshop ankle boots!). 

Hope you are all having the most beautiful weekend! 

Love, Mandy. xx


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Just a few photos in the Brisbane International Airport en route to Hong Kong. I have never had an affinity for track pants (I feel discombobulated even when I lounge around in them) so instead I love loose, relaxed clothes that can be layered with my yeti fur when travelling to colder regions. 

More photos from Hong Kong to come soon! 

Love, Mandy. xx

Inspiration : flash of neon.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2. SHOPNASTYGAL Neon pop blouse
4. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Elan and rubber wedges

I'm still obsessed with neon but the maxim here is all about subtletly - pair your neon shirts and accessories with black, tan, or the most pristine alabaster in your wardrobe and you have the most simple way to integrate this trend into daily use. 

Love, Mandy. xx


Friday, 6 January 2012

Photos taken by my mummy. 

(Top - Zara, shorts - Topshop, shoes - Nicholas, earrings - ASOS)

When I go overseas, I tend to wear outfits that I wouldn't normally have a context for at home and create ensembles that could clinically be deemed hypomanic (for example, leopard and neon green - I'm still contemplating whether it should be available for public viewing haha). As fun as it was to be sartorially disinhibited, I feel much more at home with my laconic uniform of shorts and shirts! 

I would love to know what your day-to-day uniform is! 

Love, Mandy. xx

Melting moments.

Thursday, 5 January 2012
There are times when you need a recipe that is not only delightfully delectable but also truly dependable without necessitating the artistic competence of a Michelin star pastry chef. This is one such recipe (find it here). I am remarkably prodigious at being incompetent in the kitchen but I find that even on my weariest days, this recipe never capitulates. 

Melting moments have always been my favourite genre of cookie with its decadently crumbly texture and its smooth, lemony filling - in fact, I love the acidity to the extent that I double the quantity of lemon juice stated in the recipe. Perfect kept in a glass canister for afternoons of tea or coffee, or it makes a lovely gift when wrapped in cellophane and swathes of pretty ribbon! 

...And if you're lucky enough to receive these gorgeous cookies - I promise it will melt in your mouth as much as it melts your heart! 

Love, Mandy. xx

Home, sweet home.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012
(Skirt - Sass & Bide; top - Sportsgirl; shoes - Senso Diffusion)

I'm finally home everyone! Albeit a considerably more rotund version of myself haha. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of madness with a dream holiday job consuming my time followed by a week of blissful escapism in Hong Kong (of which I will be blogging about ad nauseum over the next few weeks!). 

For now, it's lovely to be back at home, enjoying the serenity and indolence that accompanies it. I can't wait to share all my travel photos with you! 

Happy new year everyone - hope your 2012 is beautifully abundant with frocks and other frivolities. ;) 

Love, Mandy xx