10 ways to re-inspire and reinvigorate your life.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

{Dress - Lady Petrova

There comes a time in everyone's life when the pace of events and dreams slow to a lull and everything is not quite as enchanting as one might imagine. After an afternoon dedicated to thinking of ways to instil more inspiration into my life, thought I would share a few words that may enable you to become captivated once again by the infinite possibilities that lie ahead…

(1) Remind yourself that life is a blessing … and that what you choose to do with it is completely at your disposal; you are the sole designer of your lovely existence. 

(2) Nourish your body … with antioxidants, water, chocolate, and most importantly - love. 

(3) Wear something ridiculously lovely … a crimson coat, vertiginous stilettos, diaphanous lace dresses; power dressing has the capacity to make you feel invincible. 

(4) Read a book … or three. I am currently reading inspirational non-fiction tomes (this and this) that challenge the mind and evoke thought and creativity.

(5) Relish the power of words … say something kind to someone on a daily basis and mean it. 

(6) Sleep less, live more … find a routine and adhere to it; wake up an hour earlier and use the time wisely.

(7) Wear yellow … the sartorial equivalent of sunshine, the mood will inevitably follow.

(8) Do what you love … write a list of the things you would give up everything for and make it your mission to dedicate your time to these things every day. 

(9) Switch off … electronic devices and social media; live in the moment. 

(10) Make a difference … find a way to change the world - and commit to it.

Images by Love Yaz <3