wardrobe inspiration : european summer, part 2.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

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...And because the weekend was rather too ephemeral, and the mind is not quite ready for Monday just yet, can't help dreaming about long lackadaisical summer days in a dreamy sundress, preferably in crochet...

{And also, apologies for the unexplained absence! Priorities have shifted a little of late, but I hope to resume to normality soon!}

Hope your weekend was lovely and that your week ahead is even lovelier! 

Much love, Mandy. xx

how to wear white : 10 lessons.

Friday, 12 July 2013

{Lesson #1 : invest in the perfect white shirt. One can never go wrong with this classic item - choose one from the silken confections by Equipment and they will last you a lifetime.}

{Lesson #2 : a top-to-toe whitewash can be as much of a statement as a crimson dress if executed properly. Adhere to one hue and add gold and beige accents to keep the aesthetic polished.}

{Lesson #3 : play with architecture. When wearing a white-on-white outfit, attention to detail is imperative - I love geometric details and asymmetry.}

{Lesson #4 : brevity is the soul of wit. Sartorial simplicity is the soul of chic.}

{Lesson #5 : be a canvas. These shorts and top have been worn relentlessly but I have created a plethora of different outfits through scrupulous accessorising.} 

{Lesson #6 : glamorous casual outfits are the paradoxical summation of the whimsical plus the inanely versatile. This skirt is such a key statement piece that is so easily translated to daily usage with a more casual white cardigan.}

{Lesson #7 : add colour. Bold, vivacious pops are incredibly fun and can be calibrated to your mood.}

{Lesson #8 : appreciate texture. Lace, frills, ruffled hems ... white is a blank canvas, so you can work these details simultaneously!} 

{Lesson #9 : an outfit isn't the mere summation of clothes. Wearing white means you can instil more creativity into your make-up routine and add some effervescence with a bright lip colour.}

{Lesson #10 : the LWD is the new LBD. Slip it on in summer for a crisp look or find a knitted version for the colder seasons and you'll embrace a new sophistication that is fresher and more youthful than black.}

If you have been following my blog for some time (you lovely thing!), you may have noticed how utterly ubiquitous this part of the colour spectrum is in my wardrobe.

I hope these lessons help you achieve sartorial en-whitenment (yes, tragic allusion to the Reflex ad haha).

Have a splendid weekend everyone and I would love to know what your favourite wardrobe hue is!

Much love, Mandy. xx


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

{Jacket - Cameo; top - Three of Something; skirt - Keepsake; all c/o lalabazaar.com, clutch - MNO.logie}

Photos by the exquisite Love Yaz.

Finally, finally, after weeks of a peripatetic existence, I'm somewhat settling again back home rather like leaves on the autumn ground - calm, restless at times, often too eager to drift with the breeze...

...And whilst it is lovely to welcome the familiarity of routine and structure back into life, I can't help but feel that I left my heart somewhere across the sea and that old friend wanderlust beckons and I find myself, yet again, grateful that I have a beautiful dream career that distracts me from its perpetual allure...

Much love, Mandy. xx

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