Born on a blue day.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

{Dress - Three Floor; Shoes - Guiseppe Zanotti}

If you have followed my humble blog for some time, you: (a) are a wonderful human being (and thank you! you're absolutely too lovely!) (b) probably have noticed my propensity for wearing white (for which I have made the executive decision to abstain referencing all relevant posts as that would be circuitous and boring haha).  In recognition of the latter, I have imposed a sartorial mission upon myself to embrace other areas of the colour spectrum whilst remaining faithful to my minimalistic aesthetic of colour blocking and focusing on the finer details instead (lace, frills, mesh inserts…). 

And as always, I find my wardrobe choices somewhat analogous to how I like to live my life - simplistic with a penchant for the lovely details that add colour to our existence. :) 

If you too are a slave to a particular style rut (or lifestyle rut!), perhaps this post may inspire you to extend your continuum of life choices!

Much love, Mandy. xx

Photos by the always amazing Love Yaz

lapis lazuli.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

{Skirt - Pree Brulee 'sparkling Aztec sequin skirt'; earrings - Pree Brulee; knit - Witchery; heels - Tony Bianco}

Apologies, as always, for yet another prolonged absence for the tides have changed and there has been an inevitable need for serious introspection and adjustments in the realm of daily career affairs … but! I promise there are lovely things in store and a few {more} exciting collaborations that I am absolutely bursting to share with all of you! 

Lovely readers, at the inception of my blog I had no idea that my little space on the web would become a portal to the world - and resultantly become a gravitating force to connect with other beautifully stylish souls across the globe. To my beloved friend and most loyal advocate of my blog Pree, the talented founder of, I could not be more thrilled about the launch of your clothing line, which is an impeccably curated extension of her perfect accessories line. If you have not already perused the cornucopia of sartorial delights, do frolic along here and treat yourself to something that you will adore forever. 

Hoping your week ahead is absolutely scintillating! 

Much love, Mandy xx

Images by my favourite Love Yaz 

{P.S. Congratulations Mica of Away From Blue for winning the Edward Kwan giveaway!} 

introducing edward kwan {and a very exciting collaboration!}.

Monday, 9 June 2014

{Top - Backstage "Mandy" top via Adrenalin Boutique; skirt - Zara; belt - Mimco; shoes - Guess; clutch - Edward Kwan; earrings - Pree Brulee}

 I have the extraordinary pleasure of emanating from a genepool of incredible human beings. One such example is my cousin Zara Lim who has acquired the complete trifecta of beauty, talent, and intelligence. She is the designer of the quirky and impossibly lovely label Edward Kwan and whilst I am clutching one of her literary-inspired makeup bags, the girl has a penchant for menswear too and I guarantee you won't find mens ties made the way designs them.

And to celebrate our first Edward Kwan x frocks & other frivolities collaboration (open internationally), we are giving away two of these makeup bags for two gorgeous readers. Entering is simple! 
(1) Like Edward Kwan on Facebook OR follow us on Instagram {@_edwardkwan and @frocks_frivolities}
(2) Leave us your email address below so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner of this giveaway! 
Images by the inimitable Love Yaz {who now has a new website so do send her some love! <3 }

10 ways to re-inspire and reinvigorate your life.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

{Dress - Lady Petrova

There comes a time in everyone's life when the pace of events and dreams slow to a lull and everything is not quite as enchanting as one might imagine. After an afternoon dedicated to thinking of ways to instil more inspiration into my life, thought I would share a few words that may enable you to become captivated once again by the infinite possibilities that lie ahead…

(1) Remind yourself that life is a blessing … and that what you choose to do with it is completely at your disposal; you are the sole designer of your lovely existence. 

(2) Nourish your body … with antioxidants, water, chocolate, and most importantly - love. 

(3) Wear something ridiculously lovely … a crimson coat, vertiginous stilettos, diaphanous lace dresses; power dressing has the capacity to make you feel invincible. 

(4) Read a book … or three. I am currently reading inspirational non-fiction tomes (this and this) that challenge the mind and evoke thought and creativity.

(5) Relish the power of words … say something kind to someone on a daily basis and mean it. 

(6) Sleep less, live more … find a routine and adhere to it; wake up an hour earlier and use the time wisely.

(7) Wear yellow … the sartorial equivalent of sunshine, the mood will inevitably follow.

(8) Do what you love … write a list of the things you would give up everything for and make it your mission to dedicate your time to these things every day. 

(9) Switch off … electronic devices and social media; live in the moment. 

(10) Make a difference … find a way to change the world - and commit to it.

Images by Love Yaz <3 

Unite in white.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

{Shirt - Witchery x OCRF White Shirt "Trapeze"; skirt - BCBG; heels - Guiseppe Zanotti}
You may recall in the nebulous depths of this blog my longstanding love affair with white shirts, particularly of the Witchery x ORCF variety {here, here, and here!}
In my line of work as a doctor, we witness first hand how research is the impetus of progression in Medicine, which in turn allows us to offer a dynamic process of excellence in our standard of care. We may not all possess the brains to empower the research but change occurs as the summation of small differences.
 Show your support for Ovarian Cancer Research tomorrow on May 1 by wearing a white shirt to work, or better yet, buy a white shirt that changes lives (the aesthetic of this capsule collecion is heart-stopping and 100% of the gross proceeds support Ovarian Cancer Research) or make a donation

Much love, Mandy. xxx

and it was all yellow.

Friday, 18 April 2014

{Dress - Lady Petrova; earrings - Pree Brulee}
Every once in a while, when the world slows down to a more languid pace, one finds the time to recover from the week's agendas that were spilling over from one meeting to the next and to pause the mind - even if only for an ephemeral moment - from lingering to the inevitably tumultuous week ahead…
And is there any lovelier way of instilling a little sartorial sunshine into our lives than wearing top-to-toe yellow? An instantaneous mood booster; sometimes colour is the best therapy!

Much love, Mandy. xx

{Images, as always, by the beautiful Love Yaz}

Cherry {and yet another giveaway!}.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

{Knit coat - c/o 6KS; top - Sportsgirl; shorts - Bec & Bridge; necklace - Pree Brulee}

Upon the acquisition of a new abode and the subsequent arrangements of one's wardrobe, have come to realise how frugally I utilise colour in my sartorial routines and consequently am planning to add a burst of colour this season starting with bold cerise rouge hues flung over existing white basics...

And you too can add colour to your wardrobe as the lovely people at 6KS are ever so generously giving this gorgeous knit to one of my lovely readers. As always, the conditions are simple and is open worldwide:

(1) Follow my blog on Facebook or Instagram (@frocks_frivolities)
(2) Comment on this post with your email address

Good luck pretty things and hope your week ahead is beautiful!

Much love, Mandy.  xx

{Images, as always, by my favourite Love Yaz}


Sunday, 2 March 2014

{Romper - Stone Cold Fox Love Jumper; glasses - Karen Walker}

Suddenly, without any warning, autumn is upon us in Australia and though it may seem all too easy to lament the shorter days and the absence of coconut oiled beach escapades, there is an abundantly enormous list of things to look forward to including lovely drapey knits, cold Sunday mornings with a good book amid tumultuous quilts, copious quantities of warm lattes, and even warmer hugs...

Hope your weekend was gorgeous and that the week ahead is splendid!

Much love, Mandy xx

Images {as always} by the lovely Love Yaz

and the winner is...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Am truly sincerely apologetic about the delays in this much anticipated blog post but my home internet decided to capitulate at the most inconvenient of moments and was only rectified until yesterday ... but without further ado, the winner of this beautiful clutch by The Luxe Project is ... 

@minglepringle {via Instagram!} 

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who entered and because there was so much delay with this competition, there will be another one soon so do stay in touch!

Hoping you all had a splendid weekend!

Much love, Mandy. xxx

peaches & cream.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

{Jacket - Ellery from Adrenalin Boutique; dress - Zimmermann; bag - Jerome Dreyfuss; shoes - Valentino; watch - Michael Kors}

In faithful commitment to my sweet tooth, comparisons in life are often referenced to dessert and my preferences tend to err on the side of the saccharine. Inevitably, one cannot help but think that this is the sartorial equivalent of peaches and cream, with a trickle of salted caramel... 

...And even sweeter yet, the delectable dress/jacket combination of Australian designers with their pristine tailoring and nonchalant aesthetic has one beckoning for seconds...

Have a gorgeous week, everyone!

Much love, Mandy xx

{P.S. Don't forget to enter our giveaway!}

Images by the beautiful Love Yaz <3 

Australian dream.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

{Coat - c/o 6KS; top - Sportsgirl; shorts - Bec & Bridge; necklace - Pree Brulee}

To say I am besotted with Australia would be an understatement of great severity and as a tribute to this beautiful country, a {somewhat restrained} list of why anyone would be just as enamoured:

cerulean seas and pristine sands
balmy summer evenings
intoxicating humidity
sea salt lingering in tousled hair
carefree, free-spirited beings
coconut oil
golden sunkissed skin
dappled light & ocean breezes

the infinite possibility of dreams.

Happy Australia Day everyone! Could not possibly be prouder to be an Aussie. <3 

Much love, Mandy. xx

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