Happiness : {the frocks & other frivolities' guide}.

Monday, 4 November 2013

And sometimes, in the most impossibly transcendent means, there are blessed times when your dreams become glittering stars in the most perfectly aligned constellation, which has been the last few weeks for me in a nutshell ... and since it is Monday, and a fresh new week, felt the need to share a list that brings warmth to the heart and happiness to the soul:

long languorous weekends
ice cream, copious amounts of it
golden sundrenched skin
working towards childhood dreams
living the childhood dreams
relentless laughter
the dreamy summer sun on the cusp of setting
chlorine lingering in the hair after a morning swim
ocean breeze after a run
witnessing your baby brother grow
vertiginous billowing curtains
sour gummy candy
small, but significant, accomplishments at work
the timbre of rain against a window
coral lipstick


Hope this inspires you to find your own happy list this week.

Much love, Mandy. xx

{Images by the impossibly lovely Love Yaz}