Sunday, 27 October 2013

{Bag 1 - Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi Leopard bag; Bag 2 - Oliver Line Backer clutch}

Images by the lovely Love Yaz <3 

Of pervasive utility these days:

The first, in its perfectly spotted graphic and deceptively ample interior, has become a weekend staple to nonchalantly throw over any minimalist outfit (or as I have done, with leopard on leopard). 

The second has been a trend hero and salvages even the most basic of outfits on days when there is too much sun to tan in and pristine beaches to lie languorously on to deliberate over complex outfit decisions...

Much love, Mandy. xx


Sunday, 20 October 2013

{Dress - "Belinda frock" custom made c/o Elisabeth Mary Smith; belt - market; floral wreath - ASOS; shoes - Jeffrey Campbell}

Images, as always, by the lovely Love Yaz <3 

 ...And again, it was one of those weeks that passed in a flurry of wonderful events and inevitably, this post has come at a time that is {not so} fashionably late but there are so many gorgeous things in store for the weeks ahead and exciting news impending so I promise you it is worth the lengthy intervals between posts! 

Of all the frocks I have worn on this blog, this one gifted so generously by the lovely people at Elisabeth Mary Smith is perhaps most congruent to my personal style with its overtly effeminate aesthetic and flattering contour, which imparts it with an incredibly high frolic factor {perfect for languorous Sundays spent in mountainous vineyards beneath cloudless blue skies}. In this world of mass production, it is an absolute rarity to find a label that pays attention to meticulous details - from the exquisite bespoke designs tailored to fit you to perfection to the delicate brown paper packaging that induces the childhood giddiness evoked at Christmas. Moreoever, their elegant and classic designs means that you will covet their delightful frocks for many seasons to come. <3

...And further, you may recall from my previous post that I am in the process of economising my wardrobe, wanted to show you how a simple cap-sleeved frock can be styled into a romantic off-shoulder gown with the zipper done up only partially and the addition of a few discerning tucks! :) 

Much love and have a gorgeous week ahead, Mandy. xx

Common denominator.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

{Bomber jacket - Cameo; dress - Finders Keepers; clutch - Oliver the label all from Lalabazaar boutique; shoes - Guess}

Images by the infinitely exquisite Love Yaz.

With the recent acquisition of a new abode (oh yes, beautifully exciting times indeed!) and a few other lovely side projects, there has necessitated a serious means of economising my wardrobe and ensuring maximal utility from minimal pieces. Whether this delightful bomber jacket is nonchalantly slung over the shoulders, tied at the waist, or worn the conventional way (as in my previous post), I love the diversity of permutations created from the same elements. 

In a time where sustainability is an incredibly chic sartorial ethos to possess, I hope this post has inspired you to instil some creativity into your life and create different looks from your wardrobe too! 

Much love, Mandy. xx

Grand stand.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

{Bomber jacket - Cameo; dress - Keepsake; clutch - Oliver all from Lalabazaar boutique; heels - Guess}

Photos by the lovely Love Yaz.

In the halcyon days of our distant youth, Yazzi (the exquisite photographer of most of my blog's images, if you haven't already noticed) and I were quite avid tennis players (and, in fact, is how we met - isn't life just lovely sometimes?) so as we frolicked around Beaudesert Sports Club in the golden afternoon sun, I couldn't help ponder on our beautifully humble beginnings : two girls playing for the love of sport ... I don't think we could have anticipated the serendipity that would eventuate in us expressing our creative hearts together in a completely different medium ten years into the future. 

...And isn't it just utterly delightful that life unites people in wonderfully unexpected ways? If there has been a cherished friend who has diminished in the haze of your prettily chaotic life, may this serve as a reminder to perhaps send a little love note, or better yet, arrange for an afternoon of coffee and cake...

Much love, Mandy xx


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

{Dress - Sabo Skirt; sunglasses - Karen Walker; shoes - Jeffrey Campbell}

Photos by the exquisite Love Yaz

Whilst I have always been one to revel in an agenda overflowing with meetings with distinguished people, creative projects, and beautiful ideas for the future, there are absolutely times when one must escape the frenetic pace of it all and return to a simpler existence with nothing more than a camera and a pretty white frock to frolic the meadows in... 

Hope you are all having a lovely week thus far {and that it has been more lucid then mine!}. 

Much love, Mandy. xx