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Sunday, 30 August 2015

{Polka dot set  - Sabo Skirt; trench - Sabo Skirt; shoes - Michael Kors}

Images by the inimitable Love Yaz

Tomorrow marks the final day of the Australian winter, paving a new path for spring and the concomitant promise of fresh, new beginnings. As you know, ever since I pursued full time work as a doctor, the blog has dwindled in the peripheries, lying latent in the shadows. This is ironically partially due to the seed of its inception - that is, as a frivolous medium to escape reality - that began to feel like a trivial project invalidated by the serious business of the medical world. 

However, many months later and after an influx of love letters in my inbox, I have decided to reinvigorate the blog but with a renewed spirit and direction to serve a greater purpose ... all will be revealed in the spring! 

I hope you have all been well and - as always - I am indebted by the kindness and support you have given me throughout the years. 

Much love and a splendid week ahead, 
Mandy xx

rose hedges {and a very very warm hello!}.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

{jacket - Helmut Lang; dress - Willow; heels - Aldo; belt - Mimco; bag - Witchery}
...And hello again lovely readers! I know that it seems like I have had yet another protracted absence but there have been long lingering moments of rumination in the last year (!) on how I want this blog to evolve - and truthfully, I have been torn between moments of uncertainty and voids of inspiration as I feel it has perhaps deviated from its original intent. Yet, so much has happened since our last encounter and I cannot wait to share with you all the news of exciting new beginnings very, very soon. 
Thank you, always, to all of those of you who have sent loving words and noticed my absence. This blog post is dedicated to all of you. <3 

Much love, Mandy 

P.S. Business and leisure currently brings me to Italy so please do follow my adventures on Instagram (@frocks_frivolities) if you fancy! xxx

Images by Love Yaz