Born on a blue day.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

{Dress - Three Floor; Shoes - Guiseppe Zanotti}

If you have followed my humble blog for some time, you: (a) are a wonderful human being (and thank you! you're absolutely too lovely!) (b) probably have noticed my propensity for wearing white (for which I have made the executive decision to abstain referencing all relevant posts as that would be circuitous and boring haha).  In recognition of the latter, I have imposed a sartorial mission upon myself to embrace other areas of the colour spectrum whilst remaining faithful to my minimalistic aesthetic of colour blocking and focusing on the finer details instead (lace, frills, mesh inserts…). 

And as always, I find my wardrobe choices somewhat analogous to how I like to live my life - simplistic with a penchant for the lovely details that add colour to our existence. :) 

If you too are a slave to a particular style rut (or lifestyle rut!), perhaps this post may inspire you to extend your continuum of life choices!

Much love, Mandy. xx

Photos by the always amazing Love Yaz