and it was all yellow.

Friday, 18 April 2014

{Dress - Lady Petrova; earrings - Pree Brulee}
Every once in a while, when the world slows down to a more languid pace, one finds the time to recover from the week's agendas that were spilling over from one meeting to the next and to pause the mind - even if only for an ephemeral moment - from lingering to the inevitably tumultuous week ahead…
And is there any lovelier way of instilling a little sartorial sunshine into our lives than wearing top-to-toe yellow? An instantaneous mood booster; sometimes colour is the best therapy!

Much love, Mandy. xx

{Images, as always, by the beautiful Love Yaz}


  1. so nice dress! ; ]


  2. Such lovely photos. You rock that dress! <3 Emily

  3. That dress is soo pretty on you :)

  4. Such beautiful photos! Makes me wish I was at the beach right now - lovely sunny day for it! :)

    Really pretty yellow dress too! :) Hope you are enjoying the Easter long weekend!

    Away From Blue

  5. Mandy, my gosh this is STUNNING! Were you heading off to a special occasion or just simply wearing it for the photos? Either way, it's beautiful <3

    Also, were you at MBFWA this year?

  6. 'and it was all yellow'

    yep fav post right here cause you quoted Coldplay

  7. Well well well gorgeous lady alert!

    xo Jennifer

  8. Beautiful dress, location and the lady in yellow (most beaut)! hehe. I agree that colour can be the best therapy, but one more thing that could always brighten up your day is definitely macaroons haha! ;)

    Lots of love, <3

    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  9. You look like a princess!! You always look so lovely and this dress in yellow is no exception!

    Have a great day!
    House of Illusions

  10. Darling you look stunning in this dress

    Kiss kiss.*Jo


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