Unite in white.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

{Shirt - Witchery x OCRF White Shirt "Trapeze"; skirt - BCBG; heels - Guiseppe Zanotti}
You may recall in the nebulous depths of this blog my longstanding love affair with white shirts, particularly of the Witchery x ORCF variety {here, here, and here!}
In my line of work as a doctor, we witness first hand how research is the impetus of progression in Medicine, which in turn allows us to offer a dynamic process of excellence in our standard of care. We may not all possess the brains to empower the research but change occurs as the summation of small differences.
 Show your support for Ovarian Cancer Research tomorrow on May 1 by wearing a white shirt to work, or better yet, buy a white shirt that changes lives (the aesthetic of this capsule collecion is heart-stopping and 100% of the gross proceeds support Ovarian Cancer Research) or make a donation

Much love, Mandy. xxx


  1. That is a beautiful shirt! And the last photo is absolutely stunning, you look beautiful in white. I can never wear it, too clumsy, haha! I don't think I even own a white shirt that I still fit into to wear for tomorrow. Great cause to support though!

    Away From Blue

  2. cute pics!! ;))


    new post


  3. Oh!! love this total white look! <3


  4. oh wow! You are splendidly got up, I do love this stunning white attire. You look simply devine) Those photographs turned out so great, my compliments to your photographer!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  5. Lovely outfit...and love that you foster a good cause in the post <3


  6. this makes me wanna fast forward time to summer!:) you look lovely

    xx Claude

  7. So beautiful!

    xo Jennifer


  8. So beautiful! Sadly when I wear white, it's just white on whiter... And your shoes! Amazing. x

  9. Darn, looks like I missed the memo to wear a white shirt on May 1! Nonetheless I love your outfit, I don't usually like sheer pieces but that one's perfect :)

  10. i love almost your looks!!
    glad found a very fashionable blogger like you =)
    be friend as a fashion blogger?


  11. Beautiful all white
    Love it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  12. As always, absolutely gorgeous! Finally popping in to write a comment - you just looks like summer! It's been so chilly here, it's a welcome change!


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