Melting moments.

Thursday, 5 January 2012
There are times when you need a recipe that is not only delightfully delectable but also truly dependable without necessitating the artistic competence of a Michelin star pastry chef. This is one such recipe (find it here). I am remarkably prodigious at being incompetent in the kitchen but I find that even on my weariest days, this recipe never capitulates. 

Melting moments have always been my favourite genre of cookie with its decadently crumbly texture and its smooth, lemony filling - in fact, I love the acidity to the extent that I double the quantity of lemon juice stated in the recipe. Perfect kept in a glass canister for afternoons of tea or coffee, or it makes a lovely gift when wrapped in cellophane and swathes of pretty ribbon! 

...And if you're lucky enough to receive these gorgeous cookies - I promise it will melt in your mouth as much as it melts your heart! 

Love, Mandy. xx


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