Monday, 21 November 2011

(Top - Witchery, shorts - Rachel Rachel, necklace - Alannah Hill, wedge sandals - Elizabeth & James, purse - Guess)

Exams are over (and I seem to have emerged unscathed!) and finally, I am able to capitalise on the beautiful sunny days that were teasing me a week ago when I was still oppressed by the rigmarole of study. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me survive the longest year of med school - you are all so incredibly precious to me. 

Oh, and this is an outfit I wore to lunch with my family (after three long weeks of withdrawals)! I love the ease that neutral combinations impart - such a perfect canvas upon which to layer copious amounts of accessories. 

Lots of love, Mandy. xx


  1. i love this outfit, it's so classy & stylish:) also like the pearlnecklaces:)


  2. Thanks Nee, you are too lovely! Hope you are having the most fabulous week. :) xoxox


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