Wishlist : life of the jet set.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011
Michael Kors rose gold watch
Karen Walker mini bow ring
Beginning Boutique New York Style sunglasses
River Island pony skin purse

Ahh, to have the life of the jet set - devouring macarons in quaint patisseries, languorously indolent afternoons in Santorini, hypomanic spending in any of the Asian shopping meccas, sipping cocktails that are as pungent as the salty sea air ...  

Whilst being a medical student doesn't permit a life of frequent travel, I do make the most of my overseas sojourns with meticulous attention to a few details. Firstly, an ample bag is absolutely obligatory, especially aboard the plane! I always try to fit in a scarf and small cosmetic bag, so the space is a worthwhile investment. I also love finding things that add elegance to usually prosaic items (such as passports and excess change) - it also creates a more organised space within your handbag so that you are not haphazardly fumbling for these important items amongst clutter. On the note of plane trips, I have made a habit over the past few years of bringing a silk eye mask and rosewater spray - so rejuvenating for the wonderful beauty sleep they impart and the lovely rose scent is so invigorating. For a more economically chic version, your local pharmacy can even distill some rosewater for you and you can decant it into your own lovely vial (of course below 100 mL). 

And finally, a vacation would not be complete without a few sartorial imperatives - a classic watch, a ring that serves as a subtle reminder of home, a pair of glamorous shades, and a few layers of a fabulously versatile hue of red nail polish that embraces the holiday spirit! 

Hope you enjoyed my tips and that you all have a beautiful and safe vacation, I would be so delighted to hear all your adventures when you return. :) 

Love, Mandy. xx

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  1. These are some great pics. I love the sunglasses and the eye mask, they look great.

    Lou x


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