The perfect white shirt.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

For the past few years, Madison has collaborated with Witchery to create the 'white shirt campaign' to support an incredibly worthy cause with 100% of proceeds going to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. If you are anything like me and love your wardrobe being filled with a cornucopia of sartorial staples that transcend the season, then perhaps you will understand just how tedious it is to find the perfect white shirt. The elusive search has endured for years and I still find it absolutely impossible to find one that is (a) constructed to perfection, with the exact gradient of white that I want, and (b) within my somewhat limited budget. 
                                           ...But finally, I think I may have found The One.
 Soft and deconstructed in a silken fabric, I can already envision this one being worn to work tucked into some structured pants or draped casually over denim shorts for the weekend. But the best part? The fact that you know you have contributed to a benevolent cause and being in the medical field myself, I can certainly vouch for the fact that research is the foundation for medical progress and that every cent counts.
I also wanted to send out some love to my beautiful and incredibly talented friend Sam Clark who is an emerging young designer that was nominated as a finalist for the White Shirt Campaign competition - what an accolade! We're so proud of you Sam and I personally hope that your gorgeous design goes into production so that I can casually remark "my friend designed this" when I check out haha. 
                               See the rest of the collection here - hope you also find The One!
                                                                      Love, Mandy. xx 


  1. You can't beat a classic white shirt... the most versatile piece, ever. I love this- makes me feel better about having 2394290 in my closet.

    A white shirt for a good cause? I'm ALL over this. Thanks so much for sharing! Love the variety of posts you have every week.


  2. I am yet to find one... I thought I did last year in the USA, but alas as the trends changed so did our love... Sigh! But there is still hope thanks to this! I am definitely going to hit up Witchery over the weekend!

    Thanks Mandy! Have an amazing day!

  3. I think this is so cool from a company to donate that much and support something as important as this. I think I haven't seen anything "this big" here in Estonia yet.. and I'm really glad you managed to find your right one despite of the wide choice, limited budget and everything else standing in your way :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I've seen these shirts on another blog yesterday. Again I would pick no. 6, the one with the black collar. It just stands one and would be a nice alternative to the 'traditional' white shirts.

  5. Gorgeous shirts! I like the lace one :) And a very good cause.

  6. That's such a great campaign, and gorgeous blouses ! x


    Indie by Heart

  7. Pretty blouses, I like how they're all white, yet all so different :)

  8. White shirts are amazing, cause they are so easy to mix with everything!

  9. White shirts are essential :)
    Thank you very much for your comment. Europe is indeed really interesting, full of cultural beauty. I'm happy I could convey that :)

  10. It's funny you picked that one, because of all those above it is certainly my favorite silhouette.

    I tend to lean more towards cream than white, though - I think it has to do with how it looks against my more olive skin..

    That being said, I love how you immediately can think of how it will work in both formal and casual ensembles, and you've got me tempted to try out a white silk shirt w/ torn denim ASAP. I adore contrasts-and that is certainly one I can get behind.

    Beautiful post. Good luck to Sam!


  11. I work in the hospitality industry so I tell you, White shirts are my daily outfits :-)))

    great post !!!

  12. love those white shirts u got up there, the cuts are nice.
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    ve a great day :-)

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  15. I love white shirts! you can wear them with sneakers and heels :-)

  16. beautiful!!!
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    something important about my blog's going on! :)
    xxx love

  17. Love white shirts, and this campain about the donation found is great!

    Love your blog, follow each other's both with GFC and facebook?It would be great!

    Tati ♥ pearls
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  18. Great post with a great cause.

    Thanks for the comment, am following you back!!

    Rianna xxx

  19. I love white shirt. They aren't boring, they are timeless!

  20. Ha, speaking of white shirts, I wore one today in my DAY style. I just love a good white collared shirt, especially if it's linen living in the humidity here in Malaysia. I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday!

    xo Grace

  21. Thanks for the glowing review of this year's Witchery White Shirt collection Amanda. We're very grateful for all your support and we're delighted that we've helped in your search for 'The One' ;-)

  22. The campaign is such a great cause. I love the shirt with the black collar.

  23. I was actually going to buy an Equipment blouse but I think my money is more better spent being donated to charity and the Witchery ones are just as gorgeous!

  24. Your so sweet, great. Post!! Following you too ;-)


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