Cubic Collective VIP launch.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I was recently invited to Cubic Collective's VIP Black Card launch, promoting an exciting new era of shopping where VIPs can use their cards with specially integrated QR codes to gain access to discounts and other exclusive features using the QR scanner app on their mobile phone. I am a shameless troglodyte so when the exquisitely wonderful Julia elucidated this shopping experience to me, I was absolutely in awe at the novelty of this notion! 

It was also my first time visiting Julia and Andy's delightful store and with its impeccably curated labels (Shakuhachi, Maurie & Eve, Alice McCall, this is a plain tee, and more) they are truly the ultimate purveyors of sartorial fundamentals for both men and women. For any of you who reside in the Gold Coast, this is one store you need to frequent for your dose of perfect t-shirts or denim. If not, you can visit their online store here!

Thank you again to the lovely Elle who mediated my invitation and Julia and Andy for hosting such a beautiful afternoon.

Much love, Mandy. xx

6/3171 Surfers Paradise Boulevarde, Surfers Paradise 


  1. You look great, love your clutch! What a nice store :)

  2. Great photos from what looks like a great event!

  3. What an amazing store, I was just about to get the pen and paper to jot down details, you know, should I find myself in Brisvegas anytime soon, I kept reading on to find an online store! Yay for the Internet! :o) You're outfit looks amazing, classy and elegant, as always Mandy!

    Here's to another amazing week!

  4. Looks like it was a fun event :)
    I truly just adore that clutch, going to try get my hands on one soon!!

  5. fine pics ; ))

  6. Amazing store !
    You look so pretty!

    Come to see me ;)

  7. Looks like a really lovely shop! :)

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  8. interesting!

  9. it's always fascinating to learn about new stores and brands, designers from other countries. the heaps of jeans look quite awesome btw. oh and did you get anything nice and special for yourself? :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. I am pretty sure I would LOVE this shop.... Wish I could be there :-p

  11. Completely matches the title..adorable collection that inspires me a lot...


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