Mustard skirt perfection, part 3 : colour block.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

(Mustard split maxi - SABO SKIRT, top - Finders Keepers, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 'Sassy')
                                                Photos by the insanely talented  Love Yaz.
Since I am in the depths of exams (one down, two pending!) and completely devoid of time to do any photo shoots, I thought I would share the final instalment of my 'perfect mustard skirt trilogy' (you may remember the precedents here and here). I know it isn't technically (or sartorially) colour-blocking when you accessorise with the nearest dilapidated shed in the radius but it is just so fun and frivolous that I can only conclude that this should be more common practice haha. 
To ALL my beautiful readers, thank you so incredibly much for the inundation of love and support over the last few weeks - I have been absolutely overwhelmed by how encouraging everyone has been despite my intermittent posts during these somewhat hectic academic times. Not having the time to personally reply to all of your sweet comments has honestly been utter anathema for me but I promise that I will be stalking you all after exams! ;) 
                                                              Much love, Mandy. xx


  1. I love this skirt so much, you wear it well! Love the colour blocking against the background too, really makes the skirt pop!

    Hope the remainder of your exams go well :)

  2. Beautiful as always! GOODLUCK ON EXAMS! YOU CAN DO IT!~

  3. This looks really nice on you :)

  4. Goodluck on your exams!! I just finished mine and died right afterwards cause I went 3 days straight with no sleep zzz
    I loveee that skirt but i wish it came in a different colour!!

    xx vacantdays

  5. Loving your skirt so so much!! :)

    Kisses ♥

  6. You look gorgeous! Love the skirt :)

  7. Amazing pictures and beautiful skirt!

  8. Such a pretty color. Looks fantastic on you. But then again, you have the body to wear this.
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  9. So pretty as always! Good luck with the exams! xoxo

  10. beautiful look and fresh becaouse of ur amazing yellow skirt!

    x edina

  11. love this look and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  12. Oh man, you're still taking exams?! That was the worst time for me a couple of weeks ago.. so hard to get posts in! Good luck, and love the way you styled this perfect skirt once again!

    xo Rachel

  13. Wow, I love your skirt, and you look great!!

  14. STunning photos, all the best with the rest of exams!

  15. love love love Mandy!!
    xxx Ange

  16. Love that yellow color!

    xo Jennifer

  17. I remember being so swamped in exams and not having time to do anything else. Good luck with your exams!

    **and I'm really loving your skirt & shoes!! too cute!

  18. That skirt is amazing!

  19. Gorgeous look - it's making me want to reach for some of my 'longer items' :)

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  22. that skirt is just sheer perfection (no pun intended, ha ha). I love the cut and the beautiful mustard colour goes so well with your white top! it must be so much warmer over on the GC than it is in Sydney, because I'd be freezing wearing that! :(

    absolutely loving your style btw. I've just become your newest follower! :)

  23. Gorgeous love all the colours! Hope u got through exam block ok, so glad it is over now! Xo

  24. wow, that skirt looks amazing! it is amazing !
    And i like your complete look, and your smile looks so pretty

  25. this is soooooo gorgeous!
    love your blog, you have beautiful photos <3

  26. that skirt is simply amazing! you look gourgeous and the blue looks lovely as a contrast to the yellow maxi skirt!

  27. Wow you look amazing! Great skirt! x

  28. This skirt is AMAZING! the sky!!! i love it !! i follow your blog now :) hope you can come visit mine too


  29. your skirt made me follow you :) love love!! please check out my baby blog and if you like it follow me back



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