Roses & white picket fences.

Monday, 6 August 2012

While all my loved ones back home were enduring some arctic days back in July, I was frolicking about in the beautiful French coastal town of Deauville amid the most impeccable gardens and white picket fences ... oh yes, my life has been incredibly taxing of late. Speaking of taxing, my absence has been somewhat accounted by the fact that I have spent the last week finding accommodation here in Boston in a frantic rush - a formidable task for a someone who is completely foreign to the area and on a limited budget. Thankfully, I now have a home and am ready to continue my adventures here! 

Have an absolutely sparkling week, everyone!

Love, Mandy. xx


  1. It's still chilly over here in Melbourne! I am in much need of some vitamin D and my skin is taking on a sickly translucent glow again - yikes! But this post has definitely brightened my day Mandy. Beautiful photos!

    Have a wonderful week lovely,

  2. So jealous! I've always wanted to live in Boston. I bet everyone's going to adore you and it's going to be fantastic. Especially when you're looking as gorgeous as you do here! The one shoulder works impeccably on you, and I love how the ruffles really give it a refined look.
    You're always killing those high-waisted shorts too. Perfect.

    So funny, I was just in Deauville! Did you get to any other towns nearby? I hope you got there when it was sunny, because it was pretty cloudy during my stay.

    So glad you're getting yourself settled in. Best of luck with everything:)

  3. Lovely blouse! Wow, good luck with settling in in Boston. You're so lucky!

  4. great look !!

  5. Beautiful colors and flowers! :)
    With love, Milena xx

  6. Beautifu, romantic pictures, just like your outfit :)
    Have a nice week, kisses...

  7. Ah these pictures are SO pretty:) You look lovely! Xx

  8. Beautiful photos :) Bouquet of roses adds a really lovely, romantic final touch to them. Your dress is really pretty aswell! Seems like an idyllic town you visited there..

    Ooh, Boston now! ^^

    Indie by heart

  9. Ahh such beautiful photos! I love your high-waisted shorts and your gorgeous and super feminine blouse! Gorgeous :)


  10. Love your pastel outfit and I'm so jealous of you warm weather!

  11. Lovely outfit ! Have fun exploring Boston !!

    Let me know if you would love to follow each other ;) xx

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