Lusting : Lucette.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I always used to be the type of person who would gravitate to ample bags that could store all the content of my life in it. Lately, however, I have had an increasing affinity to more petite styles slung casually over the shoulders or clutched with an abundance of accessories. This Lucette clutch encompasses the best of both worlds and would absolutely match everything in my wardrobe. 

Love, Mandy. xx


  1. I'm starting to like smaller bags as well. I just jam more and more stuff into big bags! I need to de-clutter my life!

  2. awoseme bag, golden details, minimal vintage it!

  3. Perfect clutch and perfect color!!! Interesting blog!
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  4. hi, dear

    I love your blog. Look fashionable. Wanna follow each other? I'm so glad followed by stylish person like you. I'll be sure follow you back, dear.


  5. Thanks for your very sweet comment! I really appreciate it. Thank you for following as well. :) I'll definitely follow back as I love your blog! :)

    I've been looking for small bags lately too - perhaps it's the coming of spring and I don't want to carry around big heavy bags. Je ne sais pas..


  6. Your Cameo shorts are to die for! I can't believe I'd only just stumble on your blog!



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