Autumn leaves.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012
(Sequin hem dress - gifted by SHE INSIDE, cardigan - Topshop, heels - Nicholas, rings - Sabo Skirt)

Photos by the lovely Karen Li

Reading the title of this post now, I realise its unintentional duality in addressing not only the obvious theme of these images but also the fact that we are soon departing autumn with the incipient Australian winter. Indeed, the morning air is chillier and my bed is noticeably more difficult to crawl out of in the bleary hours of dawn, but it is in these types of moments where we're chasing the auburn sun amidst a backdrop of russet and burnt orange hued maple leaves that I truly feel like I live in the most beautiful place in the world ... 

And how pretty is this sequin hem dress? I'm not one to shy away from sequins for a day-time look and layered with the appropriate knits, it makes the transitional weather all the more resplendent! 

Much love, Mandy. xx


  1. amazing! such a pretty background :D - Love Anita x

  2. You looking beautiful and the dress is stunning. And it the pictures with the colored leaves looks amazing. Great post.
    xoxo, Petra

  3. Whoa, I never realized that you weren't in the US!

    Gosh I'm jealous of these photos. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and you manage to capture in these pictures just why I love it so much. Don't the warm reds and oranges just make your heart melt? So interesting you post this today, because I'm about to publish a tiny post about my love of fall.

    I really love how you don't only post an outfit, but use photographs to create a mood - an entire artistic venue rather than just a snippit of clothing (I'm guilty of this, to be sure). I know it takes a lot more work to do so, but I really appreciate it. Your blog is always so refreshing to look at, and helps me view my surroundings as inspiration for what I choose to wear.

    Enjoy the lingering fall days!


  4. I love your dress, and shoes too!!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Ah I know, the cold sucks :(
    You're crazy for not wearing tights! Love the dress though, I'm a sucker for sequins!

    x Stace

    PS. I've got a giveaway happening to win a House of Harlow ring! I'd love for you to enter!

  6. This skirt is gorgeous !!! I love how you matched it with these delicate shoes :-) SO pretty as always ;-) Lots of kisses from Switz. !

  7. Oooh, way to rock the sequined skirt for a daytime look! I absolutely love it.
    So odd to think that in Australia you're going through autumn! Its just turning into summer here in the States.
    Great knits, and beautiful fall leaves!

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    Trendy Teal

  8. Hi Mandy, very nice dress and jacket. Lucky that you can still wear light clothes in autumn. Over here (in Europe) summers are very short; autumns are already very wintery. Enjoy your day! xoxo

  9. ahhh such pretty photos! it's hard to imagine that you'll have winter now... we are just about to start summer!:) lots of love <33

  10. You look lovely, Mandy! Such a gorgeous dress! I love how you paired it with an oversized knit cardigan and those shoes go perfectly with it =)

    Suzie Q

  11. wow this is a great outfit.. love your skirt!
    check out my latest post if you have the time!! as i'm already following you i'd be also very happy if you took a look at my facebook page :)

  12. such a super-pretty outfit Mandy!! :)

    xo, Hanna

  13. Autumn's one of my favourite seasons!(The other being summer)
    I'm definitely gonna miss the beautiful autumn days when winter comes!

  14. so beautiful outfit!!

  15. Such a beautiful dress! Thanks for introducing me to Sheinside :) Oh my poor credit card! Myf.

  16. so amazing ;]

  17. Such a cute dress - I like the sequin mini skirt - perfect paired with that knit cardi :)

  18. Beautiful backdrop!! The sequin skirt is really sexeh!! Love love love!!

    Nora Finds

  19. Amazing!!!

    Love Gemma x

  20. Beautiful dress and your shoes are stunning!

    Fashion Readings

  21. I really like combination of gold and black! and your sequin skirt is just gorgeous!


  22. Beautiful pictures, sweater and shoes are lovely :)

  23. Beautiful outfit Mandy. :)
    It's totally weird to see autumny images now, when our scenery has turned completely green at last. Looks lovely, autumn is a beautiful season too. [Well they all are in their own ways, but I could skip the freezing winter days of Finland.]

    Looking at this ensemble I also noticed something about myself. You may have had a little effect on my sudden lust to sequins! Hehe. Well, there's also loads of them in other fashion blogs / Pinterest etc. but this tought popped into my head just now - after all I've seen some of the most beautiful, sparkling outfits on You. I will try to post my newest love soon, but I can say it's sparkly & vintage, and I bet you'll love it too! ♥ ^^

    Indie by heart

  24. WOW it is sooo weird seeing leaves...summer is just starting here...I think it is so cool how you are experiencing a whole different season! Can't wait to see your winter!

  25. As folhas de Outono são belissimas , bem como a música "Autumns LEAVES" cantado por Pat Boone e muitos outros cantores famosos. As fotos estão lindas e há um amor juvenil no ar! Adorei!

  26. Oh I face the same morning indecision too, my bed is just so warm and comfy and I can't bear to part with it LOL! The joys of winter - I love it and I love this time of year, all those fabulous golden hues! I had to do a double take on this, I though it was a lovely sheer shirt and sequin skirt, but this is such a stunner and you werk sequins like it's never been werked before! G O R G E O U S!

    Hope your having a brilliant day lovely!

  27. How amazing do you look Mandy? Lovely outfit:) Xx

  28. Love your outfit! I still tend to forget that you guys have autumn now! Here in Europe we're finally getting some sun! xx

  29. WOW this is amazing. It still blows my mind that we are experiencing different seasons :)


  30. Such a cute look! Loving that sequin dress and your pumps!


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  32. incredibly sweet out fit
    just chic, class and simple!
    pulling off that skirt something amazing miss xx

  33. you look great! and those good!

  34. This sequin hemline is just too wonderful! I love the fun element that it adds to your outfit. You look gorgeous and perfectly styled as always!


  35. Sequin-style really attracts me most!

    Gorgeous! You looked seductive after all.

    Just followed you...:)
    Let's be blogger friends.


  36. Hello gorgeous lady! Just came to drop a quick hello! I've haven't been on this since my last blog post (thought I forgotten my login detail but nope it's all good now haha!) love you beautiful! :) <3 xxxxxx


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